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Athletic Youth Development Programs

Youth training packages designed to improve passion and performance.

At In-Tech, we’re passionate about developing young athletes for a healthy future. That’s why we offer a strength and conditioning Youth Development Program (YDP) specifically designed for the proper development and maturation of young athletes.

Based on current science and research, our YDP follows many of the same principles and processes laid out in the Canadian Sport for Life Society’s Long-Term Athletic Development (LTAD) program, which is used by our country’s major sporting committees (including hockey, baseball, soccer, football, basketball, and more).

Working in conjunction with Canada’s athletic plan – along with the most up-to-date training principles – you can rest assured knowing proper development and learning are both top priorities in the youth training programs we provide.

The Right Skills at the Right Age

Our training methods and programming ensure your child is building the optimal foundation of abilities in order to maximize their potential for greater success in the future, whether it be on the field or in the classroom. We strive to expose young athletes to a variety of skills and training to ensure their development is not overlooked.

Tired of Following Dated Training Methods?

Sign up for the best training of your life thanks to our state-of-the-art facility, top-of-the-line SportTesting technology and staff of world class trainers!

Youth Team Training

Athlete Package

Package Description

In-Tech values the importance of training young minds to become successful in both life and sport. Team building concepts that unite players are taught through strength and conditioning sessions. We offer first-class integrated human performance expertise, including:

  • Safe and effective strength training modalities
  • Injury prevention
  • Metabolic conditioning
  • Performance nutrition
  • Recovery / rehabilitation techniques

In-Tech trainers teach players, through shared struggle and physical training, to depend on each other. Corrective self-talk techniques are demonstrated to reduce self-limiting thoughts and are felt through exercises. To help young athletes to reach their full potential, mindful sessions include:

  • Goal setting exercises
  • 100% responsibility
  • Gratitude

Athletes will be taken though the Comprehensive Testing protocol prior to the team sessions begin in order to gather measurable data. From here, a program is designed customized to the team’s needs. Four coaches provide instruction and support through the program in a team environment.

Our staff is standing by ready to take your team to the next level of athleticism. Please call for programming price and options.