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  • In-Tech Testimonial - Trevor Daley

    Trevor Daley

    10-Year NHL Defenseman, Pittsburgh Penguins

    "(Derrell) Levs is like a younger brother to me, he was a hard working kid growing up! He knows no quit and he expects that from his team and himself.  That's what I appreciate most about In-Tech. Playing in the NHL for many years leaves you with some battle wounds. Levs and the In-Tech family work around the clock to make sure I'm at my ultimate best. Can't thank the In-Tech team enough!"

    Trevor Daley
  • In-Tech Client Testimonial - Luke Gazdic

    Luke Gazdic

    NHL Edmonton Oilers

    "Well, I had the opportunity to see how hard (Derrell) Levs trained growing up. I got wind that he got into the training business after he stopped playing. My younger brother was training with him and ranting on about it. I decided to see what this was all about and Levs asked me one question, 'What do I need to improve on to play in the NHL?' I said speed. So, I appreciate the In-Tech group because they forced me to work through my comfort zone, and helped me to develop my strength and speed to play at the NHL level."

    Luke Gazdic
  • In-Tech Testimonial - Joseph Crammerosa

    Joseph Crammerosa

    Anaheim Draft Pick

    "Since the day I started at In-Tech it has felt like a second family. You always look forward to coming to the gym in the morning and you leave knowing you put in the work to make yourself a better athlete. (Derrell) Levs works with each athlete and changes certain aspects of their training to benefit each one, and that's what separates him and In-Tech from the competitors. I've been with In-Tech for two summers now and have gone to camp each year in elite shape. It's a first class program!"

    Joseph Crammerosa
  • In-Tech Testimonial - Lucas Lessio

    Lucas Lessio

    Montreal Canadiens Property

    "At In-Tech we are in the company of warriors, people who understand what it means to bleed for something you want in life.  I'm challenged everyday - my mind, my body, my soul! I love In-Tech for that reason. What are you doing? How is it working? The supporting cast is great too, everyone is working together to make sure I am my ultimate best. #dogstatus"

    Photo by 5of7 -, CC BY-SA 2.0,

    Lucas Lessio
  • In-Tech Testimonial - Joseph Blandisi

    Joseph Blandisi

    New Jersey Devils

    "When I first came to In-Tech I was still pretty sick... it was unclear if I would ever get better... Derrell Levy and the In-Tech family were determined to make me better and believed in me as an athlete and a person! I've played 18 games (with the NJ Devils) thus far... seems like a lot for a guy who wasn't able to walk two years ago... I can't thank (In-Tech) enough for what they have done for me and I believe that my success is truly theirs as well."

    Joseph Blandisi
  • In-Tech Testimonial - Chris Didomenico

    Chris Didomenico

    Gold Medalist World Juniors / Gold Medalist Spengler Cup / Maple Leafs Draft Pick / Former Property of Chicago Black Hawks / Top Scorer Swiss Elite

    "My experience at In-Tech has been nothing but amazing. The atmosphere, the training, the surroundings - you are in a top notch facility to make you the best possible athlete you want to become! I have been training at In-Tech for almost 6-7 years and I wouldn't have wished for anything better for myself. They know how to train and are there every step of the way to make sure you're eating healthy and doing everything to bring out the best in yourself. Train hard. Train smart. Train In-Tech!"

    Chris Didomenico
  • In-Tech Testimonial - Mikaela Lowater

    Mikaela Lowater

    Female Hockey Player for Robert Morris University (NCAA Division 1 School)

    "I have been training with Derrell since I was sixteen so it will be 5 years pretty soon. It's easy to tell how much his training has helped me on and off the ice, with battles in the corner, skating faster and having a stronger shot. Derrell and I have become family over the years and he cares for me like I'm his little sister, plus being one of the few girls a part of In-Tech he always watched over me. It's nice knowing where ever I go in life Derrell will always welcome me back to train with him or just to catch up."

    Mikaela Lowater